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  • City

    Collects the data from city facilities and
    provides safe and convenient services to the citizen through monitoring and control.

    Use cases
    • Developing a safe city good to live in
    • · Collects and manages the CCTV video information, traffic, and data related to environment and city situations.
    • · The collected data is connected to the national services such as emergency dispatch service, national disaster management system, and vulnerable social groups support, to make the city a good place to live in.
    • · Incidents and disasters in the city can be prepared and prevented by monitoring the city in real-time.

    • Traffic management
    • · Detect traffic congestion and suggest drivers to take an alternative route by collecting traffic sensor data in real-time.
    • · Reduce traffic congestion by optimizing traffic signal at a specific time or specific road section by analyzing traffic information.

    • Real-time data transfer
    • · Various city information can be transferred to the citizen in real-time, using the electronic display or smart phone.

    Application cases
    • · LG CNS Smart City Platform
  • Mobility

    Provides services such as self-driving cars and smart tolling by collecting data using various communication protocols (5G, NB-IoT, WAVE, V2X, etc.)
    and managing self-driving infrastructure and vehicle operation.

    Use cases
    • Self-driving
    • · Collects and processes information on the operation situation of the self-driving car, and monitors the information by integrating with various other information such as current road conditions, traffic signals, and obstacles.

    • Providing an optimized traffic environment
    • · Informs an optimal traffic route and real-time road conditions to drivers by collecting the traffic information from traffic lights and controllers.

    • Real-time check of the vehicle
    • · Guarantees the safety of the drive by checking small problems that can be missed by the driver and informing vehicle maintenance, using the information collected from various sensors inside the vehicle.

    • Providing smart public transport services
    • · Optimizes the path of public transport by collecting and analyzing the public transport use data of the citizen, and makes bus operation intervals and operation hours efficient.
    • · Various services can be provided such as self-driving public transportation, smart tooling, and on-demand taxi, by implementing an integrated public transportation control system based on the collected data.

  • Building

    Provides efficient operation services through access control and energy management, by collecting the facility data
    (air conditioning equipment, lighting, access control device) and conducting remote monitoring and control.

    Use cases
    • Building management automation
    • · Actions can be taken in advance by detecting a leak, deformation of the internal building wall, and load occurrence, using the data received from the device.
    • · Energy can be managed efficiently by checking and controlling unnecessary power consumption using the data collected in real time.

    • Keeping the environment inside the building pleasant
    • · The indoor environment can be kept pleasantly by controlling the air conditioner/heater (e.g., temperature/humidity, wind direction and strength) by collecting information from temperature/humidity sensors installed at several places inside the room.

    • Using for billing and operation
    • · Issues related to the transparency of billing and other rental costs can be solved by collecting and analyzing the actual power consumption data, which can be used by the building manager in operation.
    • · Supports cost-effective high-efficiency operation by monitoring the building system based on integrated facility management.

    Application cases
    • · Applied continually to more than 75 sites such as the city, building, and energy.
  • Factory

    Improves equipment defects and inefficiency in the manufacturing process and enhances production quality
    by collecting the factory data in real time to analyze, forecast, and control facility conditions.

    Use cases
    • Efficient facility operation
    • · Collects and analyzes the real time data about the operation status (e.g., location, motion, and status of the factory facility) and utilizes it for maintenance.
    • · Enables advance maintenance by checking the expected replacement date of each facility part and sensing equipment defects.

    • Securing worker’s safety and convenience
    • · Provides a safe environment to the work by preventing an incident in industrial sites (fall of the worker, dangerous gas leak, etc.), by collecting the information of worker’s location and density of chemical substances.
    • · The matter that is manually checked by the worker can be checked conveniently using the sensor on a regular basis.

    • Energy saving in the factory and growth of production effects
    • · Facilities can be controlled by generating an event depending on the situation by collecting the information of the factory facility and internal state, and energy can be saved by operating the air conditioner and heater efficiently.
    • · Improves production quality by improving defective equipment and inefficient operation of the manufacturing process through analysis.
    • · Brings cost saving effects by operating maintenance personnel efficiently.

    Application cases
    • · Applied to the vibration sensor inside the factory, warehouse temperature/humidity, and TVOC sensing sensor.
  • Safety

    Provides the intrusion detection, physical security, and control service by collecting and
    controlling the CCTV video information, and entry and window sensor information.

    Use cases
    • Providing the physical security and control service
    • · Intrusion can be detected by collecting and analyzing the sensor information of security facilities such as the access door and window.
    • · Performs integrated control such as monitoring and analyzing the CCTV video information using the VMS and coping with an emergency situation.
    • · Various situations (early detection and monitoring of the landslide, forecasting ground failure, detecting and responding to toxic substances, fire, etc.) can be responded by collecting and analyzing the sensor information in each situation.

    Application cases
    • · Applied to the integrated security system of LG Science Park
  • Marine

    Provides the energy saving and safe navigation service by collecting and monitoring vessel navigation/communication and
    engine equipment data on land over the satellite/LTE in real time.

    Use cases
    • Navigation information monitoring
    • · Collects and manages the voyage data from equipment installed inside the ship, such as the GPS, speed log, and echo sounder.
    • · Collects and manages the real-time location of obstacles during the voyage, heading direction of neighboring vessels, and velocity information.
    • · Provides and monitors the radar images received from the ARPA radar system.

    • Monitoring the vessel management information
    • · Collects and manages the vessel voyage alarm information.
    • · Collects and manages the video information using the IR camera installed at the bow and stern.
    • · Collects and manages various information needed for vessel operation, such as location, hull, steering mode, haul following performance, and position of a vessel's helm.

    • Using the service for education and research
    • · The past voyage information can be played back using the voyage data saved in the database.
    • · Provides the past video collected from the IR camera and radar data.
    • · Converts the actual collected voyage data and provides a video that can be analyzed by the simulator.

    Application cases
    • · Applied to Hanbada, practice vessel of Korea Maritime University
    • · Applied to 5 newly-built practice vessels in five national universities.
    • · Land control system advancement project
  • Energy

    Reduces unnecessary energy consumption by collecting the information on energy consumption such as lighting, refrigerator, and air conditioner;
    and provides the energy demand and distribution management service.

    Use cases
    • Analyzing the energy use pattern and electric energy
    • · Collects the power and gas equipment data from the house, factory, and building in real time.
    • · Creates the statistical data of usage by period or user and analyzes the use pattern using the collected data.

    • Device management and energy saving
    • · Manages energy to cope with the peak time, after forecasting an energy demand in combination with the weather big data.
    • · Checks the equipment that is running abnormally and takes actions not to use energy unnecessarily.
    • · Reduces energy usage by informing the application of the household’s progressive tax system.

    Application cases
    • · Applied to factory/building energy monitoring
  • Living

    Provides home IoT services in our daily life and social welfare services by collecting the information closely related to our daily life
    (weather, temperature/humidity, air quality) and providing it to the citizen.

    Use cases
    • Providing life convenience
    • · Provides smart home functions that can control home appliances, power, and heater remotely.
    • · Provides life convenience services such as the unmanned home delivery system and parking location management.
    • · Convenience facilities can be increased by collecting the information of shared facility use and analyzing the user pattern.

    • Strengthening security and safety
    • · Notifying and monitoring abnormal signal detection in real time, based on the information collected from the door lock and camera in the house.
    • · Checks the surrounding information by installing CCTV and checking the video.

    • Energy management
    • · Saves energy by collecting and providing the environmental information (climate, temperature/humidity, air quality, etc.) and controlling home appliances to fit into the situations.
    • · Reduces energy consumption inside the house by providing various information such as power usage, water usage, gas usage, and estimated fee.

    Application cases
    • · Applied to the LG U+ home IoT platform