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INFioT enables quick IoT service development
by supporting various protocols and development tools, based on global IoT standard.
  • A platform that complies with international IoT standards

    INFioT is a platform that applies oneM2M, one of IoT international standards, and its compatibility between the device and service was proven by the TTA certification process.

  • Collecting and transferring data using various protocols

    General-purpose protocols (HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, TCP, WebSocket) and industrial standard protocols (Modbus, BACnet, SNMP) are supported so that the data of various devices can be collected and transferred.

  • Real-time big data processing and complex event processing

    Functions are provided that register and process event conditions so that the distributed processing of the large-scale data can be performed in real time and meaningful information can be extracted.

  • Development tool support

    Users can link and test the platform by themselves using Open API, SDK, and dashboard on the developer portal, and can develop a service screen easily using UI Builder.

LG CNS IoT platform "INFioT" provides optimal user experience step by step.
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    Device register

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    Dashboard register

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Start your IoT service with INFioT, which manages device and sensor data,
communicates with things using various protocols,
and provides Open API to deliver the best value for your IoT business

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